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Every year all manufactureres come out with new ATVs that feature new technology and upgrades. Your 4 wheeler may be king of the mountain one year but fall back to the middle of the pack the next year. 
If you were a beginning rider when you bought your ATV you will find the more you ride and get comfortable with your ATV, the braver you are going to get and will eventually reach a point when you will want more power and performance.  You may run into a mud pit you can’t cross or notice that some of the other ATVs can get the jump on you. 
There are many people who simply trade their ATV when this happens. If you are comfortable on your ATV and like the way it looks, there is no reason to trade it .  Not when there are a lot of things you can do to get even more power or custom tune it to suit the terrain in your area.
The easiest way to tailor your ATV to local riding conditions is to change how you grip the ground.  This can be done by changing the type of tires that are on your ATV.  There is a large variety of tires on the market that are made for extreme mudding, sand, and all out speed over any terrain.  When you are looking for new tires for your ATV, make sure you buy a tread pattern that matches the terrain where you are riding. 
Tires with a deep, well-spaced tread with a lot of surface area are typically for Mud Riding, This type of tread allows the tires to push against slippery mud.  Sidewall strength and tire thickness are also a major consideration when buying tires for mud riding.  A mud tire with a thicker sidewall will give you more consistent performance when you’re axle deep in sludge.  Lighter rims will also give you a slight edge in the mud. 
Getting through sand is much easier with tread that can push and grab a lot of sand.  If your goal is to get faster, especially through the corners, you will benefit from a knobby open-patterned tire.  This type of tread is designed to grip trails that do not have deep mud pits.  You can also purchase tires that will make the ride a little softer or give you a firmer grip.
Tires will only affect how you grip the trail.  Sometimes you will find it is necessary to add some muscle to your ATV to get the performance you’re looking for.
People used to change the sprockets on their ATV to get more low-end power or top-end speed.  However, today's ATVs have balanced gearing that is based on weight and engine power.  Tinkering with the sprockets on today's ATV does not change their ATV's performance characteristics as much as they’d like.  Instead, most riders turn to performance modifications to squeeze more power from their ride. 
You can go deep into your engine and change the cams and other parts that will make your engine more stout.  However,  you can get noticeable results from more affordable and less complicated modifications. 
The easiest way to get the most power from your ATV is by adjusting the airflow through your engine.  By simply changing the intake, you will see an increase in power because you force more oxygen into the combustion chamber. 
A less restrictive exhaust will also get more power to your wheels because the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to breathe.  Another bolt-on modification are headers that will let your engine work more efficiently which will add more power to your 4 wheeler.
A popular modification that will make it possible for you to take on really deep mud holes is a snorkel kit and exhaust extension.  One of the biggest risks you take when diving into mud is that you will suck some of the mud through your intake or that it will enter your engine through your exhaust.  If you get mud or water in your engine, it will shut it down in a hurry. This will cause a trip to the shop to get all the water out of your engine.  A snorkel kit  is necessary to get through any deep mud holes you may encounter when riding.

No matter what kind of ATV you ride, sooner or later it will fall to the middle of the pack.  This is because of all the new, upgraded ATVs that are brought to the marketplace each year.  The good news is that aftermarket parts are not only getting more affordable, but are also getting better all the time,.  This will allow you to custom tune your ATV without breaking the bank and will keep you from having to trade it for another one.


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